Member List

View the current members of the North Central Extension Farm Management Committee.

Chair - Gary Schnitkey
(University of Illinois)
Vice Chair - Alejandro Plastina
(Iowa State University)
Secretary - Joleen Hadrich
(University of Minnesota)
Administrative Representative - Gregg Hadley
(Kansas State University)

Member List
North Central Farm Management
Extension Committee
Name Organization State
Alejandro  Plastina Iowa State University IA
Gary  Schnitkey University of Illinois IL
Michael  Langemeier Purdue University IN
Gregg  Hadley Kansas State University KS
Kenneth  Burdine University of Kentucky KY
Jordan  Shockley University of Kentucky KY
Christopher  Wolf Michigan State University MI
Joleen  Hadrich University of Minnesota MN
Kevin  Klair Center for Farm Financial Mgt MN
Ray  Massey University of Missouri MO
Bryon  Parman North Dakota State University ND
Bradley  Lubben North Central Risk Mgmt Education Center NE
Matt  Stockton UNL West Central Research & Extension NE
Barry  Ward Ohio State University OH
Rodney  Jones Department of Agricultural Economics OK
John  Molenhuis Ontario Ministry of Agriculture ON
Jack  Davis South Dakota State University SD
Kevin  Bernhardt University of Wisconsin WI