Mission, Vision and Core Values of the North Central Farm Management Extension Committee


To provide leadership in the development of high quality research based extension programs and publications that anticipate and meet the ever changing business management educational needs of agricultural producers of the North Central States. Our programs and publications capitalize on the expertise of farm management faculty from throughout the region and country.


World class farm management educational programs and publications synergistically integrating expertise from throughout the region and country.

Core Values:

• A commitment to high productivity
• A respect for new ideas and a keen eye to the future
• A determination to effectively leverage expertise from throughout the region and country
• A passion for high quality, fun meetings
• A commitment to farm business, agriculture, and the food system

Farm Management Extension: A Vision Statement

The people engaged in the operation of farms, ranches and closely-related agri-businesses must use and manage human, physical and financial resources within an increasingly complex, global business environment. Acquiring productive assets, planning for the use of the assets, organizing them to effectively and efficiently produce goods and services, establishing and employing proper controls, recognizing and responding to business risks and opportunities, generating sufficient returns, and effectively distributing the returns are responsibilities of these people. They must conduct operations as organizational structures become more diverse, property rights are altered, information and production technologies develop, consumer preferences evolve, and U.S. and world policy is constantly modified. Theirs is a future of constant change and learning.

Farm Management Extension's Role

Farm Management Extension has evolved over the years to provide information and education to a changing agriculture and a changing society. It exemplifies the specific function of the land-grant university that would distinguish it from other universities - the connection of the university to the public. Farm Management Extension provides a practical working model of how a university-based outreach program can translate the scholarship of research scientists into solutions to problems for individuals and communities. Farm Management Extension equips people to make their own decisions to help them identify and realize their goals. Farm Management Extension also provides scientists and policy makers with an understanding of problems facing these groups so that they too may make better informed decisions.

Farm Management Extension serves a unique role of merging of the knowledge of production, economic and business practices. It provides the pragmatic means to help people integrate many disciplines in their decision making process. Farm Management Extension included faculty and staff who engage clientele in learning the ways and means of doing so they may have the ability to plan, measure, and properly choose among the multitude of trade-offs and options available in utilizing resources to accomplish desired goals. It teaches these people to be more competent managers of their resources. Farm Management Extension is a proven partner in helping American agriculture transform change into an increase in the food supply for American and world consumers.

Farm Management Extension's Commitment

Farm Management is committed to continuing its effort to help people effectively learn and grow to meet the challenges of agriculture's future. In order to assure this commitment, Farm Management Extension will continue to:identify emerging issues in commercial agriculture and rural America that have either short-run or long-run relevance to those operating farms and ranches, firms and organizations serving agriculture and Extension specialists and agents; relate emerging issues and needs to researchers and to conduct applied research; employ an interactive and pragmatic educational process targeted at specific audiences, which capitalizes on multi disciplinary and team effort, and which involves need identification, priority setting, program delivery, and impact assessment; creatively deliver programs that are at the cutting edge of management issues, reflect excellence, have a strong Agricultural Economics base, help people as they make decisions and solve problems, and make a difference in the lives of the public; and include faculty and staff who are sensitive, creative, flexible, visionary, risk taking, and professionally competent to serve the diverse people who relate to the operation of farms, ranches and other agricultural businesses.

Farm Management Extension's Responsibility

Farm Management Extension has a vital responsibility to remain a partner with the agricultural community in facing an ever changing environment as it operates and interacts with society in allocating resources among alternative uses to satisfy wants and meet basic needs of people. It must have the commitment to equip itself with the skills and resources to meet this responsibility. It will remain a recognized and trusted broker of ideas and a part of a public institution serving all Americans.